10 Best GoPro Video Editing Software For Windows & Mac

The GoPro Video editing software is a well-organized tool for many video creators. Shooting video with GoPro is simple, but editing such recordings to make them presentable and sharing is dependent on GoPro software for PC.

GoPro editors can stabilize shaky footage, add background music, erase the fisheye effect, trim and denoise films, and much more. The following are the important characteristics to look for in a GoPro app for PC: Support for video stabilization is available.

To make a video shorter, use the video trimming function. Capability to support a wide range of common video formats. As a result, in this article, we have compiled a list of 10 GoPro video editing software that may assist you in editing films in the most efficient manner.

10 Best GoPro Editing Software For Windows & Mac?

In this article you can find out the best 10 working GoPro Video Editing Softwares.

1. GoPro Quik

If you want to learn how to edit GoPro videos on PC, here is a software that will make editing video footage a breeze. You can enjoy your GoPro photographs and videos by rapidly importing them, editing them, synchronising them to music, and much more with just a few clicks. You may incorporate pictures and time-lapse sequences into your videos, bringing them to life with panning effects.

It also has graphs and gauges, the ability to create short video clips, and the ability to edit burst and time lapse photographs. Aside from that, GoPro Plus customers may backup their photographs and videos to the cloud and share them on social media.

2. Wondershare Filmora X

Give your ideas wings with this finest GoPro editing software, which allows you to modify your films by putting text or titles into them. You may include music in your videos and post them on social media.

You can stack your video clips with this GoPro editor. Aside from 4K support for enhanced details, you may fine-tune your travels by resolving fisheye issues, stabilising a video, slow motion, and reversing the video advancement direction.

3. DaVinci Resolve 18

DaVinci Resolve 18 entered our list of the best GoPro video editing software for Windows or Mac due to its unrivalled comprehensive feature set. It is touted to be the world’s only system capable of flawlessly merging professional 8K editing, colour correction, visual effects, and audio synchronisation.

With all-in-one GoPro editing software, you can do it all with a single click. This application, designed for multi-user cooperation, is ideal for high-end post-production editing, such as Hollywood, TV programmes, and commercials.

You can trim a movie with the dual timeline feature, edit videos intelligently, stabilise, retime, and rapidly export videos to YouTube and Vimeo, thanks to a cut page with a streamlined interface and new tools.

4. Windows Movie Maker

Following that is the greatest free GoPro video editing software, which supports a wide variety of video input types.
Users can import the video material that has to be modified and convert it to a suitable input format before proceeding.

Because it is so simple to use, Windows Movie Maker is the GoPro video editor for novices. You may use this GoPro video editing software for Windows to apply various effects to your films and post them on social media networks.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is software for video editors that want to improve their work. Professional video producers use it; this desktop tool can turn raw material into stunning video productions. Adobe Premiere Pro has a number of features that allow users to be more creative than with basic video editing. You may adjust your audio, colours, and other settings to get professional results. The programme is connected with Adobe products, allowing users to move their work from one package to another, allowing them to edit and utilise the completed film anytime they choose. This simply implies that they can operate efficiently and produce appealing and unique items best GoPro video editing software.

6. Magix Movie Edit Pro

Use Magix Movie Edit Pro’s 900+ templates, 32 distinct editing tracks, and motion tracking tool to edit GoPro films. The paid version of this GoPro editing software for Windows includes additional functionality.
It features an outstanding interface for editing videos. Apart from the standard editing capabilities, Multicam editing is an interesting addition.

7. Final Cut Pro

If you own a Mac, this GoPro Editing Software for Mac will meet your video editing demands.
It’s a sophisticated tool that contains a magnetic, trackless timeline, excellent organisational tools, 360-degree video and HDR video compatibility, and more.

This GoPro editor is Mac-compatible and is the greatest post-production tool for advanced colour grading, audio, and motion graphics delivery.

8. iMovie

Apple’s iMovie, which is available for free from the Mac App Store, is another good GoPro video editing software.
This free GoPro video editing software is essential for individuals who are new to video editing.

It is an ideal GoPro editor for Mac users, with a well-designed UI, colour matching features, excellent audio tools, and many other sophisticated features.

9. Blender

Blender is finding a user-friendly video editing software with amazing functionality will never be simple.
However, you should not lose up hope since Blender is on your side.
This is one of the best video editing software accessible for download and use right now.

With its advanced 3D modelling and 3D animation production tools, you will be able to take your video editing efforts to the next level. Continue reading our Blender video editing review to learn more about the software.

10. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is another excellent free GoPro video editing software. It is a comprehensive and high-quality video editing application with a simple user interface and a plethora of sophisticated capabilities.

It offers multi-cam editing, 3D and 4K video editing, and motion tracking capabilities.

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