The Best Password Managers of 2022

Here are the top 9 best password manager software to secure your passwords online. Password managers including, best apps & websites.

The Best Password Managers Of 2022 – We are living in an era where password breaches may potentially affect several millions of users. It is possible that your passwords are already circulating the seedier nooks and crannies of the internet.

Best practices dictate that you should always use different passwords for separate online accounts; however, remembering all of them can be an almost impossible task – especially if you seek stronger login security that is hard to crack.

In this post, we have highlighted some of our favorite tools which you can use to tame the chaos amongst those numerous accounts and passwords.

Complex passwords are not easily remembered. Therefore many users have resorted to default passwords such as “abc123”, “password,” their pet’s name as well as other hack-able naming templates.

What Are Password Managers?

One of the effective methods of securing your identity online is by using unique passwords for each service and website you subscribe to or visit regularly. This makes remembering them all very difficult, but you would not have to bother about all that if you had an efficient password manager. So, which one is the best password manager for you?

A good password manager serves many essential purposes. It stores all your different passwords under a password-protected, (encrypted) roof. It automatically generates strong password suggestions for you and inserts them immediately you log onto various websites. Your password manager can even store and update payment information for a simplified online shopping experience.

Almost all password management tools function by creating a master password (specified by the user) which grants access to your identity vault. The password manager then inputs individual user IDs with passwords for any websites visited and applications used. A benefit of this method is since you do not have to recall these passwords by yourself any longer, you may give each app or website it’s own unique, complex and difficult to remember password.

Once you are logged into your manager, its program automatically fills in your userID and password every time you go to a website that requires them – effectively removing the guessing game from internet surfing.

A few password managers will preserve your encrypted login information inside your computer hard drive, while some others will upload those details directly to their servers, allowing you access to them via any internet-capable device.

What Is The Risk?

Are your passwords secured in one location? What happens if a hacker is somehow able to access your master ID and password? That would expose all your accounts to plundering.

Also, if a hacker successfully breaches the password management company’s central vault, it is likely that millions of account details could be stolen in one single hack.

There are defenses for both concerns mentioned above. Most password management companies employ multifactor authentication, which restricts access to your credential vault to only users having both the correct authentication code and password. Such codes exist only on devices belonging to you, limiting the likelihood of someone elsewhere gaining access to your private information.

Master vaults and their servers are usually well protected by the vendor’s local encryption of your password data before it even leaves your devices. This information is kept, in an encrypted format, on the vendors’ servers. In most cases, this form of security is strong enough.

9 Best Password Managers For Android/iOS/PC

1. Lastpass

This is an incredible & best password manager, and it is free as long as you do not mind getting along without its complete set of premium features.

Once you have set-up your unique master password, LASTPASS will allow for the importation all the login credentials you have saved — usernames and passwords — from Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

Other free features of LASTPASS include multiple identities, its two-factor authentication, an auto-fill feature, and even free credit monitoring designed to streamline your online shopping experience.

LASTPASS also stores any encrypted data on cloud servers, allowing you access from devices other than your PC and secure password sharing with family members and friends. It even comes equipped with an in-built password generator to create unique passwords.

Opting for LASTPASS’ premium suite offers a variety of additional identity verification options, stellar technical support, as well as the ability to synchronize information between your mobile devices and desktop.

While it is widely used due to its interface and features, we must remind users that LastPass has experienced security breaches in the past. LastPass’ managers have however shown due diligence by thoroughly fixing them, and releasing regular updates.

Dashlane’s software is straightforward and intuitive.

It allows users to store their passwords locally within its encrypted vault, or synchronize them automatically across various devices. It has a digital wallet which will enable users to make and track their purchases online conveniently (even if you have not set up an account with them).

2. Keeper

Keeper’s Password Security provides a wide variety of password solutions for enterprises, businesses, families, and private uses, making this one of the best password managers we have ever seen.

KEEPER combines secure file storage and a two-factor authentication system to protect your information adequately. It also features a host of practical tools that private individuals will significantly appreciate, such as version history — that can restore previous copies of your info when needed in case anything goes wrong — as well as emergency access to your passwords for five different contacts/individuals.

Keeper is also more flexible than most password managers in terms of what data users can store. It’s Custom fields allow users to store driver’s license numbers, passport information, and other vital records in the application!

3. Sticky Password

This password manager is owned by the creators of the AVG Antivirus. Sticky Password has a premium version equipped with extra cloud abilities. It boasts of intuitive navigation, AES-256 encryption, and secure password generation, especially for mobile devices.

Sticky Password is compatible with several internet browsers. These include some outliers like SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, and Yandex on a desktop (mobile versions are more limited). Users also have very secure cloud-encrypted sync options between devices which help protect their sensitive information over wireless connections. In addition to conventional sign-in options, Sticky has both fingerprint and Face ID sign-ins. Sticky offers both professional and straightforward services, making it an excellent choice for your business.

4. Roboform

This remarkable desktop password manager comes with some free mobile software.

RoboForm’s claim of being the best password manager worldwide is not wholly unreasonable.

After recent updates, RoboForm has added extra support for unlimited storage of login data in its free versions. It also boasts the ability to grant emergency access, application logins, multi-platform support, and the secure storage of notes.

The RoboForm Everywhere feature will allow users to synchronize across devices, provide cloud backup as well as the option of gaining emergency access yourself.

Roboform is suitable for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS systems, and is a great alternative for people who want secure and straightforward ways to synchronize passwords between laptops, desktops and other mobile platforms.

5. LogMeOnce

The LogMeOnce Password Management Solution has more features on offer than other competing products; many of them patented and unique.

However, we are not entirely convinced that most of the features of the LogMeOnce app are even necessary. Besides, enabling them all will only make the product more expensive to maintain. LogMeOnce ranked 5th in our list of best password manager.

6. 1Password

AgileBits 1Password system syncs personal data and passwords across all the user’s devices. It may not be as automated as most of its competitors, but it is still an easy-to-use, slick utility. It is incompatible with Internet Explorer and has minimal import options.


The Blur password manager provides a dedicated private telephone number, instantly generates virtual credit card numbers, manages passwords, and more.

Blur is a multi-purpose solution for protecting your privacy, passwords, and payments.

Blur is based on a very secure Password Management foundation, which has a wide range of personalized online privacy features never before combined for use as a single product. A former version of this product was a web browser extension known as “MaskMe,” but it has since evolved into a full spectrum security provider for consumers.

Blur has both a cloud-based vault and local storage, combined with the routine password capture, password generator, and auto-fill.

8. Password Boss

The Password Boss can support Windows, Android, and iOS but doesn’t list Linux or Mac versions. If you desire to have password access across different devices, you should look to other password managers.

We like that Password Boss allows you to choose which region(s) of the world you would like your password information to be stored in; both for management of access speed and handling any government or jurisdictional privacy concerns one may have. It listed 8th in best password manager software.

9. Zoho Vault

The Zoho Vault is yet another unique product from Zoho’s exceptional productivity and office offerings. The Zoho company software supports Android and iOS devices, as well as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers.

Zoho tool was originally intended for use by a team, but there exists a free version suitable for individuals.


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